(Left to right) Digga D, MizOrMac, Loski, Lavida Loca, Unknown T, TeeZandos, Abra Cadabra, Bandokay, K Trap, Double Lz, Headie One, SL, Ivorian Doll, M1llionz

When UK Jungle first emerged in the early 1990’s, it was deemed as one of the most disruptive genres in the nation. With fast tempos and high bass, many viewed it as aggressive and “darker” than other popular sounds at the time.

In the 1994 documentary Jungle Fever, Shy FX discussed how the violent lyrics in his single Gangsta Kid were perceived at the time. …

Critique of celebrity culture is not new, but this year, more than ever, it’s been called into question on a much larger scale. Following a string of bizarre events, many have begun to see the futility of such worship. From collectively singing John Lennon’s Imagine to apologising for racism into an Instagram abyss, it seems Clubhouse may be the final stage in confirming what 2020 has been hell bound on teaching — celebrity culture must die.

Clubhouse is the start up social-networking app developed by Kurt Schrader in 2019, now making waves this year given its refreshing dynamics. The application…

Morley’s — South based chicken shop.

“Being from south isn’t a personality trait” perhaps, but let’s not pretend we don’t have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Now, before I get into it let me state right now that this isn’t a dig at the rest of London. Big up you lot, you’re all doing amazing. But for the opening of this blog series about random things that people love, like and care about, I must start with my beloved South London. I hope you can understand.

Growing up in South London, there were definitely highs and lows. Often depicted as the knife crime (and all…

They’re just Black women rapping, and that’s enough. It’s boring, it’s lazy, it’s sexism 101.

Rapsody, Noname, Little Simz (left to right)

Last week we watched (and cringed) as J. Cole left his hiatus to release a single believed to be aimed at Noname. Here, he asks her to be critical of the systems we live in but to do so slowly and pho-net-ica-lly for those who may have not grown up “around consciousness”.

Now, I could sit and describe the milliard of reasons why J. Cole choosing to release this was bizarre, but I think we’ve all collectively established it was poorly timed and oddly framed. …

We should not have to choose between being the token or not existing at all.

Sex Education (2019)

Last month, viewers saw the return of HBO’s finest Insecure for its fourth season. The show follows the everyday stories of black women navigating life in Los Angeles and the trials and tribulations this entails.

Rather than a sole focus on romantic relationships, Insecure is also exploring key friendships, more deeply too. Specifically, we are seeing the exploration of dynamics between its main character Issa, and her best-friend, Molly, who are finding themselves growing apart as they enter new chapters of their lives.

The show has been praised for tackling a journey to what seems to be a friendship break-up…

When it comes to race, finding a middle ground seems to be a consistent issue. People are stuck between pretending to ‘not see race’ or inaccurately applying race where its role is insignificant. The narrative of ‘black on black crime’ is the latter. For decades we have heard about the problem with ‘black on black crime’ without considering the extent to which it is a racist narrative.

“#BlackLivesMatter but what about when black people are killing themselves in the streets?”

Not only are statements like this lazy, they are also reductive and obtuse. Black Lives Matter began in protest to…

If there’s anything we can learn from capitalism, it is that everything can be a commodity. From food to the privatisation of water, if it can be accessed for free, it can be monetised. So what makes sex any different?

Sex has long been separated from other emerging markets, often due to its supposed immorality. Despite its opposition and the banning of sex work in most countries, it continues to exist covertly — so why not legalise it? …


Whatever’s on my mind at the time.

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